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REEF SANSONE - Bar Restaurant

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The project idea was born from the need to create a work that became a structure at the service of the beach of Samson Island of Elba, among the twelve most beautiful beaches in Italy.

This project from 2017 place itself in a naturalistic context subjected to landscape protection. The new Reef Sansone restaurant - bar is located on the promontory overlooking the beach, the interior of the Costa Bianca of Portoferraio in the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago. The great value of the naturalistic context, its peculiar characteristics and the will to relate to them have influenced the whole generative process of the project.


The new volumes and functional spaces have been included in the naturalistic context, favoring the use of natural materials. In order not to contaminate the site during the construction phase, the company opted for the use of natural materials such as wood fiber insulating panels, for the external frame walls, and sheep's wool blankets for the interior walls and correction of thermal bridges. All this material mounted dry, will allow the dismantling of the entire structure, to leave the state of the places as originally found. As exterior cladding, ventilated walls in natural wood have been mounted, similar in color to the holm oak plants that surround the structure, always to better integrate the entire building into a landscape. 


In addition to the ventilated wooden walls, two vertical gardens cover most of the two facades of the building for which they have been chosen blooms and aromatic plants that grow spontaneously in these places. The choice of indigenous plants that can be used in the kitchen is the result of the search for a useful and at the same time original and creative solution. A small hanging garden on the terrace encloses some Mediterranean plants to find and recognize the typical vegetation that surrounds the structure. The meteoric waters, which represent a renewable source and require simple and inexpensive treatments for their re-use, have been collected in a special deposit, located above ground, thus allowing not to realize the excavation works necessary for its installation. The entire recovery cycle is reused for consumption for cleaning and watering the gardens. All systems are of new generation and with the use of photovoltaics and bioclimatic devices, the building is in energy class A4.



  • Primary energy need: 704,00 kWhpe/m2.year
  • Primary energy need for standard building: 1 054,00 kWhpe/m2.year

Breakdown for energy consumption:

  • Energy performance for EPH heating 136.62 kWh / m2
  • Energy performance for domestic water EPW 515.05 kWh / m2
  • Energy performance for EPC cooling 15.47 kWh / m2
  • Energy performance for EPL lighting 37.66 kWh / m2


Envelope U-Value: 0,25 W.m-2.K-1



  • Heating system : Heat pump
  • Hot water system : Heat pump
  • Cooling system : Reversible heat pump
  • Ventilation system : Natural ventilation
  • Renewable systems : Solar photovoltaic and Heat pump
  • Renewable energy production : 74,20 %


GHG in use: 44,00 KgCO2/m2/year

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