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Aerogel materials for heritage buildings: Materials, properties and case studies

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Aerogel materials

Aerogel materials: commercial products for building insulation

Aerogels are open-porous, high-performance thermal insulation materials that can be used for very thinbuilding insulation. So far, the application conditions of these materials and their potential in heritagebuildings have not yet been described comprehensively. This review shows the technical properties ofcommercially available aerogel materials – such as blankets, boards and renders – and their use scenariosin heritage buildings, taking into account the heritage criteria of authenticity, integrity, reversibility andcompatibility.


Additionally, historic buildings that were refurbished using aerogels are presented. Thestudy by theoretical evaluations and calculated U-values indicates that superinsulating aerogel materialshave an exceptional potential in the refurbishment of heritage buildings. The presented examples showthe feasibility of refurbishments with aerogel and the resulting improvements in terms of both comfortand thermal properties. Hence, aerogel materials are well suited to be used in preservation of heritageobjects according to generally known rules and conditions of heritage preservation, thus contributing tothe reduction of energy consumption in the building sector.