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ODYSSEE-MURE Training on energy efficiency indicators and impact evaluation of policies

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About Odyssee

Database on energy efficiency indicators and energy consumption by end-use and their underlying drivers in industry, transport and buildings.

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About Mure

Database on energy efficiency policies and measures by country in industry, transport and buildings.

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ODYSSEE-MURE will organise a 1.5 day training event in Berlin on December 17 and 18 dedicated to energy efficiency evaluation. The training will be organized in 2 sessions:


  • Session 1: Evaluation of energy efficiency policies in MURE (December 17, 15.30 - 18.30)
  • Session 2: Understanding energy efficiency indicators (December 18, 9:00 - 15.00)

Session 1 will consist in methodological presentations and case studies on how to evaluate energy efficiency policy measures and how to assess the various benefits of energy efficiency.


Session 2 will address several questions mixing formal presentations and case studies: how to measure energy efficiency progress and energy savings by end-use and by sector? How to compare countries? How to explain the variation of the consumption between two years?


Participation is restricted to representatives of Ministries or public agencies.


Agenda of the training will be available soon


Link for registration:


The registration is free, the number of places is limited!

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Didier Bosseboeuf
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