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42nd MCE // MCE IN THE CITY 2020

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The concern for climate change and environmental challenges is rising.


We receive information, data and images about natural phenomenon caused by climate change on a daily basis.


Those events often recall us to a very direct call to action.


Each of us, in our small way, can and must do our part to fight the climate change with small everyday actions of which we have difficulties in seeing the results in a short term.


There is  only one place in which those changes in our habits and behaviour produce immediate and visible results.


We want  our home to be a space more and more healthycomfortable and environmental friendly.






We are willing to invest to reach that goal adopting solutions that enhance the livability of our home, and decrease the energy consumption and waste.

Technology  plays a fundamental part in this change. Our home is made of different system that build its essence and the way it works, becoming our personal ecosystem.


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