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Heating & cooling planning made easier - HOTMAPS training

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Do you work for a public authority responsible for heating&cooling? Are you a planner/consultant? Hotmaps free training is for you!


The Hotmaps project


The EU-funded project Hotmaps aims at designing a toolbox to support public authorities, energy agencies and urban planners in strategic heating and cooling planning on local, regional and national levels, and in line with EU policies.


In addition to guidelines and handbooks on how to carry out strategic heating and cooling (H&C) planning, Hotmaps will provide an Heating & Cooling planning software that is


User-driven: developed in close collaboration with 7 European pilot areas.


Open source: the developed tool and all related modules will run without requiring any other commercial tool or software. Use of and access to Source Code is subject to Open Source License.


EU-28 compatible: the tool will be applicable for cities in all 28 EU Member States



What are the benefits of the “Hotmaps follower” training?


You will be trained for free! The participation includes lunch and dinner.

  1. You will be one of the first to learn how to use Hotmaps (software, default EU-28 datasets etc. ...).
  2. You will learn how to develop heating and cooling scenariosfor the area of your choice. You will be able to input your own datasets and develop comparable scenarios for your city/areaof interest.
  3. Your trainer will follow up with you! After the training, youwill receive guidance, the trainers will be available for question and additional support.
  4. You will be part of the Hotmaps community! Thanks to Hotmaps you will meet representatives from other EU regions and discover shared issues and solutions.


Requirements for participating the training


  1. If you work for a local, regional and or national authority that is responsible for heating and cooling topics or if you are a planner or consultant in this field, the training is made for you.
  2. You should have an overview of technical characteristicsof heating and cooling supply and demand systems. Furthermore, you should be used to work with data and calculations on the computer.
  3. You should be available to participate in the preparation web call and attend both days of the 1½ -days training.
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