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Circularity calls to action

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The European project HOUSEFUL has released a video to invite key stakeholders in the housing sector to join a series of co-creation workshops. The workshops aim to socially validate the circular solutions developed by HOUSEFUL and make buildings more sustainable


Unity creates strength, especially when the contribution of all is needed. Take for example the housing sector and its currently inefficient use of available resources.” These are the first words of the call-to-action video published by the EU-funded project HOUSEFUL. The video addresses three societal groups that are key to the housing sector: architects and construction companies, policy makers and citizens. It invites them to participate in a series of workshops organised by HOUSEFUL, where they will have the possibility to help the project develop more effective and replicable services aimed at increasing the circularity level of buildings.


HOUSEFUL is a four-and-half year-long project funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union. The project was launched in May 2018 and its main goal is to boost circularity in the housing sector. This will be done by implementing 11 innovative solutions aimed at the efficient management of materials, waste, water and energy along the entire housing value chain. These services will be demonstrated in 4 demo-sites in Vienna (Austria) and Barcelona (Spain). Moreover, 10 European follower buildings will be identified and sought out to enable a solid replication of the project solutions. Replication will proceed as HOUSEFUL develops a dedicated SaaS (Software as a Service) tool that will eventually help quantify the circularity level of the residential buildings and provide them with model-changing circular solutions and services.


HOUSEFUL services will be co-created with local and regional stakeholders from the involved demo-sites. This will happen through a number of workshops organised over the course of the project. Stakeholders will be invited to participate and share their opinions and concerns on the HOUSEFUL solutions. The collected feedback will provide valuable inputs to better define and design the HOUSEFUL solutions based on the needs and behavioural patterns of their end users. 


But why are architects, construction companies, policy makers and citizens so important for initiatives such as HOUSEFUL? As the project video highlights, architects and building companies could take this chance to re-think their standard, linear work approach and make it more circular, thus being at the forefront of new trends in building design; policy makers have the power and responsibility to implement new strategies that can facilitate the adoption of circular solutions in the housing sector and so protect the environment and at the same time open new business opportunities; finally, all citizens play a major role as they will be the final users of the HOUSEFUL services in their buildings.


So if you are interested in helping the HOUSEFUL project create a more circular housing sector, stay tuned on our upcoming workshops. As Your support is needed to safeguard the environment and because in unison we create strength!