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Biophilic Design Map

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The Biophilic Map is a databank for case studies which have implemented Biophilic Design at the core of their design process. Biophilic Design is known for its effects of indoor environmental quality and therefore on building users wellbeing.


The map recognizes exemplary projects in articulating and applying Biophilic Design principles to the built environment. The Biophilic Map is hosted by the International Living Future Institute’s Biophilic Design Initiative.


The goal of the Biophilic Map is to build an international resource for people to work towards broad adoption of Biophilic Design. All examples shared on the map are built examples, where the photographs and videos shared only begin to skim the surface of the overall biophilic design experience. The map is designed to be an interactive learning tool and a new way to engage the biophilic design community.


Learn more about the tool and about Living Future Institute here.