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Hof 6 - Austria

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Credits @Roswitha Schneider

The farmhouse was built in 1646 in log construction and was home of the painter Angelika Kaufmann. The living part of the house has been restored in 2008 and the affiliated barn was rebuild in 2013. The traditional renovation of the front building was done in the same architectural style as the existing.


The existing and supporting structure of the barn has been partially preserved and at the outer wall it will serve as a protective layer for this living area in the future. The timber framing of the barn has been partially uncovered and simply covered with glass elements from the outside. An additional double glazing from the inside increases the thermal protection.


Sliding wooden elements on the outside can provide the necessary shading. The many openings in the shell ensure that lots of light gets inside and increase or preserve the view to the outside. The staggered ceiling sequence is essentially developed from the light guidance. Where previously one family lived on 180m², now two families live on 337m². A thermal solar system supports the pellet heating and tiled stove, especially in the transition season and summer.


Block knitted wall 12-13cm, inside panelled, - supplemented by 2 layers of soft fibre - Wood wool insulation with laths, - wind sealing sheet - Rear ventilation and shingle formwork (for space reasons partly without rear ventilation) (contrary to the energy certificate only wood wool products were processed).


  • U-value (pre-intervention) [W/m2K]: 1,2W/m²K
  • U-value (post-intervention) [W/m2K]: 0,6W/m²K

The old box windows had to be renewed but for the safety of the wall components the U-Values did just change slightly with the new common glasses. For the appearance of the building at the centre of Schwarzenberg the windows had to stay the same. The windows have two separate window elements. In summer it is possible to take away the front part of the window.


  • Existing window U-value Glass [W/m2K]: 1,5
  • New window U-value Glass[W/m2K]: 1,5

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