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Relive Klimahouse 2020 with us!

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Klimahouse 2020 has been another successful event gathering practitioners, designers, building owners, students, researchers and curious visitors. The fair exhibited the most innovative house building companies in Italy, but also from abroad with the aim to present sustainable, innovative and energy efficient solutions. These ranged from sustainable materials to smart technologies, and from innovative building technics to building installations.


The event involved 450 exhibitors and had over 36,000 visitors. Apart from the exhibition, the Klimahouse Congress hosted several international architects and engineers in a three-day programme. The first day focused on a specific material: wood. The second day addressed digitalisation and automation in the building industry. The third day focused on architecture and sustainable construction. Build Up was present during day 2 and 3 of the Klimahouse Congress.  


On 23 January the title of the Congress was “Construction 4.0”. The speakers were: Dominik Matt (director of Fraunhofer Italia), Achim Menges (director of Institute for Computational Design and Construction Stuttgart), Benjamin Dillenburger (associate Professor, ETH Zurich) and Renier de Graaf (architect, OMA). They argued about the role of digitalisation and automation in the industry and presented their innovative projects, which involved automated building processes and technological developments. Climate change was also a central point of discussion to highlight what construction and architecture can do to respond to this emergency.



On 24 January the title of the Congress was “Architecture 2020”. The speakers were: Louis Paillard (architect), Jürgen Bartenschlag (architect, Sauerbruchhutton), Luca Mercalli (climatologist) and Armand Paardekooper Overman (architect, mecanoo). The architects presented their inspiring projects focusing on sustainable buildings and materials with special attention to climate change and climate action.


This second video finishes with the “Klimahouse Future Hub Award” ceremony in which the award went to an Italian start-up presenting and innovative CO2 detector for schools.