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BVH 373 House 8 - Austria

Caso Destacado Highlighted Case
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Credits: meine heimat

Klimaaktiv Silver *


The construction of the building was aimed, on the one hand, to offer affordable sustainable housing and on the other hand to plan an extension with quality of life and without any conflicts of use and in energy consumption.

The apartment mix comprises for 70% of 3-room apartments (living-dining room, bedroom, children's room), for its 15% of 2-room apartments and for 15% of 4-room apartments.



  • federal state: Carinthia
  • completed: 2019
  • Construction: Solid construction
  • Number of floors: 3rd
  • Usable area: 735 m²
  • Heating system/room heating: District and local heating renewable
  • Heating system/hot water: District and local heating renewable
  • Type of ventilation system: with heat recovery



  • Heating demand (HWB)  25 kWh / m² GFA a
  • Primary energy demand (PEB)  112.1 kWh / m² GFA a
  • CO 2 emissions  8 kgCO 2 / m² GFA a


 * EVALUATION OF THE BUILDING according to the klimaaktiv criteria catalog takes place in three quality levels: The klimaaktiv criteria catalog makes the klimaaktiv quality measurable and transparent. You can find more information at .

  • BRONZE : Buildings that meet all mandatory criteria.
  • SILVER : Buildings that meet all mandatory criteria and achieve at least 750 points.
  • GOLD : Buildings that meet all mandatory criteria and achieve at least 900 points.

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