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Construction 2050 Alliance officially presented at Commission Forum

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On 17th June the European Commission hosted the 8th annual meeting of the High-Level Tripartite Strategic Forum of Construction 2020, a 2012 Strategy by the EC to boost the competitiveness of the European construction sector. The meeting gathered online 100 persons from different departments of the EC, national competent ministries and construction sector’s stakeholders.


During the opening session today, CECE’s Riccardo Viaggi presented  the Construction 2050 Alliance, a newly established group of 46 European organisations working together to advance the needs and priorities of the wider construction and built-environment sector at EU level.

As indicated in its concept note, the Construction 2050 Alliance has been established because the sustainable Europe of tomorrow cannot be achieved without all the actors involved in the construction process. For this to happen at the EU level in Brussels, the Construction 2050 Alliance aims at coordinating common political messages of the construction value chain and raise the political importance of the sector at the European level.

During his presentation, Riccardo Viaggi reminded that this level of cooperation is unprecedented in the construction value-chain and thanked all members for signing up to the approach proposed by CECE, CPE, EBC and FIEC, who were the initiators of the Alliance. Referring to a common vision for the Alliance, he indicated the Construction 2050 paper published in June 2019 and now endorsed by the whole Alliance.


By optimising the way construction works, the Construction 2050 Alliance aims to improve the life of European citizens, provide higher value with fewer natural resources, and achieve higher quality assets for owners and users. Construction is the solution industry: addressing the challenges that the construction sector is facing means addressing the challenges of European citizens. To ensure this, the Construction 2050 Alliance will develop activities in four different areas:

  • A specific targeted approach to construction in policy-making, because the sector is at the crossroads of different value chains. Its unique nature requires a unique approach.
  • An adaptable policy framework to address the evolving construction ecosystem and the transformation of the industry.
  • A holistic approach towards policy making in order to implement coherent and balanced policies and legislation.
  • A strong partnership between the European institutions, the Member States and construction stakeholders to steer the transformation of the sector with the most adequate policies and tools.


The work-programme of the Alliance for its first two years features 6 priority areas:

  1. Construction: the solution to Europe’s recovery after COVID-19
  2. The contribution of the built environment to the EU Green Deal
  3. The human factor in construction: safety, skills and sector’s image
  4. Relaunching the Construction 2020 Strategy
  5. EU Data Strategy: a construction approach
  6. Developing a communication strategy for the Alliance


More information on the Construction 2050 Alliance and its activities will be shared in due time.