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Rolling out Plus Energy Buildings - views from an urban planner

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Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

Energy-efficient urban planning is state of the art and an important part of sustainable urban planning. It forms the prerequisites for the emergence or implementation of PEB. In the meantime, considerations on the PEB topic in urban planning should be a normal case.

Through energy-efficient urban planning, especially in PEB residential construction, unnecessary structural constructions can be avoided in advance. It forms the basis for sustainable, energy-optimised building planning, which is characterized by regenerative energy generation and an efficient energy supply.


In addition, definitions in city planning and development plans form the prerequisites for energy-efficient construction and they are considered the most important instrument for energy-efficient urban planning. Appropriate requirements for the use of renewable energies can be created by planning law.


This concerns above all suitable roof areas and optimal arrangement or position of the building. The subsequent installation of the required PEB measures on the outer facade often conflicts with the prescribed building spacing and also causes an increase in the permitted urban density. Refurbishment measures on the existing building can also be restricted due to fire protection and monument protection.


Requirements of urban building planning for successful spatial implementation of PEBs include:


  • Building geometry
  • Materiality of Building
  • Compactness of spatial organisation
  • Topography
  • Orientation of the building
  • Active and passive solar gains
  • Urban climate aspects
  • Urban density
  • User acceptance

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