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Energy efficiency first: How the EERAdata project supports deep building renovation!

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Photo by EERAdata Project

The Horizon 2020 EERAdata project invites you to its official webinar on 28 October 2020.

In this webinar we will be introducing the project, explaining our main ideas and the objectives we will be pursuing until 2021.

So what is EERAdata about?


- EERAdata is supporting policy decisions and renovation action to prioritise investments in energy efficiency


- We accompany municipalities from the collection of their building stock data from different sources,(merging data) to analysis and assessment of this data by ecological, economical and environmental criteria.


- We develop a tool which aims to ease the process of guiding sustainable renovation activities for portfolio managers, cityplanners and related stakeholders


- Together with our partners the City of Copenhagen, the Andalusian Energy Agency and the Municipality of of Velenje, we assess the environmental, ecological and social impacts of building renovation on the decision making schemes, the budget and society of municipalities and regions.


- This results in long-term renovation strategies, focusing on energy efficiency, socio-economic benefits and ecological quality of existing buildings


This introduction webinar is the first event of a series of workshops in which we want to develop our features together with our stakeholders.


Only together with you we can create solutions for a sustainable future of European cities and regions.

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