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Neubau Kindergarten Münichsthal

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Credits: Treberspurg und Partner Architekten

The two-group kindergarten with an exercise room includes a sustainable architecture and energy concept.


Mainly ecological building materials are used for the south-facing low-energy house. Generous window areas and well thought-out daylight planning offer a high level of user comfort. External sun protection and natural night ventilation through automatically opening windows prevent overheating in summer. The group rooms can be divided into play and activity areas according to the situation using flexible furniture. The controlled ventilation system with a high degree of heat recovery contributes to a healthy indoor climate. The rooms are heated and cooled using a water heat pump with deep probes and underfloor heating or cooling.


Educational building. New building. Planned completion in 2021.


Conditioned gross floor area: 661.78 m²

Heating demand: 35.94 kWh/m²BGFa

Primary energy demand: 58.09 kWh/m²BGFa

CO2: 8.39 kgCO2/m²BGFa

klimaaktiv-Punkte: 920 von 1000 - GOLD

Indoor air measurement: 500 µg/m³

Formaldehyde: 0.06 mg/m³


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