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7 Essential Tasks an Energy Manager will perform for your company

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7 tasks an energy manager can perform for your company

Having professionals who are experts in their field is one of the secrets to obtaining the best results in any of your company’s strategies. In the case of efficient energy consumption management, the same happens, and to achieve the objectives that were set, you must have: a well-planned energy strategy, and specialised professionals such as the Energy Manager. Below, we tell you all about what this professional profile can do for you: Carrying out a good Global Energy Management strategy for your company will improve the energy efficiency of your activity, achieving cost savings and compliance with current regulations. 


But, what do we understand by Global Energy Management? 


When we talk about Global Energy Management in your company, we are referring to all the actions that are carried out so that the energy efficiency of your activity is as optimal as possible. In other words, making sure that the energy consumption necessary to produce the goods or services you offer is as low as possible, meeting sustainability criteria and achieving energy savings. So, to make your business energy-efficient, it is essential to analyse, understand, control, monitor and optimise the energy consumption of your buildings and facilities. 


But managing your company’s energy does not guarantee that you will obtain the best results, nor that you will meet your energy efficiency and savings targets. To achieve this, you must count on a key profile: the ENERGY MANAGER. The Energy Manager is a professional, who usually comes from a technical background and experience, an expert in everything related to energy. The main objective of this professional is to optimise energy use, both in terms of consumption and cost. This does not mean that you necessarily have to hire someone internally, you can also opt for external energy management services that coordinate with your maintenance team. 


So why is the role of an energy manager so important to your business?


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