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EFFECT4buildings is mapping and spreading knowledge on technology solutions for energy efficiency in buildings to achieve economic savings.   Building managers gain from better knowledge on their profitability, performance and how to order them to benefit the highest possible value.  
Post date: 12 Feb 2021
Type: Tool

This webinar is part of the training modules offered by the District Energy in Cities Initiative.   It provides key insights of business models to ensure the viability of district energy projects for both heating and cooling systems.  
Post date: 8 Feb 2021
Type: Evento

On the outskirts of Aarhus lies Lisbjerg Bakke, a 4,100m2 hybrid timber building and winner of the 2014 ‘sustainable social housing of the future’ competition.   In a joint venture between the architects and engineers, the full lifecycle of the building has been taken into consideration from the outset, with a flexible design that allows the reconfiguration of the building into new layouts or office space, and building components that can be easily upgraded.  
Post date: 29 Ene 2021
Type: Caso

During 2019, the first year, the BIM4EEB project outlined needs and requirements to be satisfied during the renovation process in order to ensure the best adaptation of the methodological and technological features of BIM4EEB toolset to the specific needs of the users.  
Post date: 25 Ene 2021
Type: Noticias

This is EFFECT4buildings magazine   EFFECT4buildings project is providing building owners and managers with a set of financial tools and instruments to support the implementation of more energy efficiency measures, developed, and improved in real cases.   The main target group is building managers in charge of public or privately owned building portfolio.  
Post date: 20 Ene 2021
Type: Publication

Multi service contracts is a method used for energy efficiency contracting to add other co-benefits such as lighting, indoor air quality, temperature, noise, esthetical values and well-being issues in the investments.   These co-benefits are included somehow in agreements (in 57% of the answers), but not in a systematical way.  
Post date: 20 Ene 2021
Type: Tool

Taking care of many measures simultaneously in energy investments is difficult, but bundling can make it easier. It enables one to combine many small measures into one package, which can increase the profitability of an investment and make it look more attractive to potential investors.   One of various ways of approaching bundling is combining Total Concept Method (TCM) and Total Tool, which can help illustrate the economic profitability of individual measures.
Post date: 19 Ene 2021
Type: Tool

Energy efficiency toolbox for buildings is ready to use and available   EFFECT4buildings project has published a toolbox with financial tools and instruments for energy efficiency in buildings. The toolbox with different supportive tools is available to all building managers to help produce desired energy efficiency long term goals.  
Post date: 13 Ene 2021
Type: Noticias

A King’s College London research study seeks to determine whether and how real estate companies are complying with the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, the role of the real estate sector in achieving the European Union’s climate impact portfolio, and the environmental outputs for European buildings complying with the EPBD.  
Post date: 12 Ene 2021
Type: Noticias

Funding is a crucial element for implementing energy efficiency activities. Different funding sources exist in all EFFECT4buildings project countries.   Based on the results of interviews 70% of the respondents inform that they have received external funding to implement energy efficiency measures. Within this tool we present different external funding sources for EE investments available for public building owners and managers.  
Post date: 21 Dic 2020
Type: Tool