European Energy Expertise Converges on Gdansk   Representatives from regional governments, managing authorities, municipalities and ministries, energy sector companies, banks, universities and NGOs will converge on Gdansk at the end of the month for an International Conference which looks to drive innovation in the energy sector.  
Post date: 29 Mayo 2017
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Post date: 2 Mayo 2017
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People spend up to 90% of their lives indoors, so it is perhaps not surprising that the quality of the environment created has a significant impact on their health and well-being. What is perhaps even more surprising is that the indoor air quality of some buildings, including modern low energy buildings, has been shown to be poorer than urban outdoor air quality.  
Post date: 20 Mar 2017
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A range of breakthrough eco-building solutions which tackle the emerging problem of indoor air quality have been presented by the ECO-SEE project at the Ecobuild construction fair in London.   The solutions include novel insulation, coating and panel products which improve air quality by passively regulating humidity, capturing VOCs, and removing indoor organic pollutants through photocatalysis. External and internal wall panels have also been developed, in addition to design tools to support end users.
Post date: 16 Mar 2017
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Upon the request of Habitat for Humanity International, Metropolitan Research Institute (MRI) has completed an in-depth research of energy efficiency renovation subsidy schemes in Central European countries (Hungary, Poland, 
Post date: 14 Mar 2017
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Ministerstwo Infrastruktury i Budownictwa publikuje poradnik na temat efektywności energetycznej budynków. Jest to zbiór informacji, przydatnych na etapie projektowania, budowy, jak również podczas użytkowania budynków lub ich części. W opracowaniu omówiono środki mające na celu poprawę charakterystyki energetycznej budynków oraz regulacje prawne w tym zakresie.  
Post date: 13 Mar 2017
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The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFOŚiGW) is the pillar of the Polish system of financing environmental protection. Within it, the energy performance of buildings is mostly financed under the national programme in the field of atmosphere protection  (“ochrona atmosfery”) through:    
Post date: 9 Mar 2017
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En línea con la REELIH project, Hábitat para la Humanidad trabajado con su antiguo socio Metropolitana de Investigación Insitute (MRI) to la realización de un estudio sobre los países de europa Central y tener una experiencia con renovaciones a gran escala de varios edificios de apartamentos.
Post date: 8 Mar 2017
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MOBISTYLE - Motivating end-users behavioral change by combined ICT based tools and modular information services on energy use, indoor environment, health and lifestyle.   MOBISTYLE in one sentence: The overall aim of MOBISTYLE is to raise consumer awareness and motivate behavioral change towards energy efficient building usage by providing attractive personalized combined knowledge services on energy use, indoor environment, health and lifestyle, by ICT-based solutions. Project objectives:
Post date: 3 Mar 2017
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An English summary of the second BPIE report ¨Supporting renovation of single-family houses in Poland¨ on the renovation of the Polish building stock.   In 2016, BPIE held two workshops on the topic of improving the framework conditions for the deep renovation of the Polish building stock. These workshops explored issues ranging from the current and future funding levels and sectoral breakdown of renovation activity, to technical and legislative matters.  
Post date: 24 Feb 2017
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