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The first set of co-creation workshops organised by the European project HOUSEFUL is right behind the corner: join Spanish and Austrian stakeholders in the housing sector and contribute to the design of more circular and sustainable buildings    
Post date: 5 Mar 2020
Type: Noticias

ICEESM 2020 (Europe) will be held at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech (UPC), Barcelona, Spain during April 15-17, 2020. The aim as well as objective of ICEESM 2020 (Europe) is to present the latest research and results of scientists related to Energy Engineering and Smart Materials topics. This conference provides opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas face-to-face, to establish business or research relations as well as to find global partners for future collaborations.
Post date: 4 Mar 2020
Type: Evento

The City Council of Valencia, Spain, has launched an initiative to reduce the consumption of energy and water in Municipal schools. It is called 50/50 as a half of the money saved is run by pupils and the other half by the school management  
Post date: 26 Feb 2020
Type: Noticias

In Valencia's maritime area, state-of-the art technologies are being used to improve energy efficiency in buildings and to change collective behaviours   In many European cities the rational use of energy is one of the main issues for public and private buildings. The City Council of Valencia has decided to use innovative technologies, such as energy consumption sensors, to reduce energy demand and air pollution.  
Post date: 24 Feb 2020
Type: Noticias

Mercado del Val is an iron market located within the old town of Valladolid. Its construction was completed in 1882. The rectangular floor plan is 120 meters long times 19 meters wide, with chamfered corners. It had stones for foundations and plinth and iron for the other elements. Natural ventilation was performed through openings covered by blinds of iron sheets.  
Post date: 20 Feb 2020
Type: Caso

Long-term renovation strategies are a requirement of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) for all member states. BPIE and national Green Building Councils for the H2020 project Build Upon2 published 8 factsheets discussing the initiatives of long-term renovation strategies of 8 countries (Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Spain, Turkey and the UK).  
Post date: 19 Feb 2020
Type: Publication

The Pamplona City Council organised a workshop on Smart cities and Living Labs, where the results of the first edition of the Smart Iruña Lab programme were presented. It included interesting presentations on the local innovation ecosystem and the evolving Entrepreneurial Discovery Process  
Post date: 18 Feb 2020
Type: Noticias

The STARDUST project has released a series of short, easy-to-understand videos featuring all of its seven cities namely Pamplona, Tampere, Trento, Cluj-Napoca, Derry, Kozani and Litoměřice. The goal is to invite everyone to dig deeper and partake in its campaign in replicating smart urban solutions across Europe  
Post date: 18 Feb 2020
Type: Noticias

The Pamplona City Council has recently installed the prototype Plug&Play solar roof on the Municipal Police building to provide energy for self-consumption.   The Pamplona City Council has recently installed a Plug&Play solar roof on the building of the Municipal Police. This is one of the first smart solutions developed within the EU-funded project STARDUST to be implemented in the city.  
Post date: 17 Feb 2020
Type: Noticias

Construye 2020+ aims to boost ‘green’ employment in the construction industry by promoting professional training and accreditation in Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Systems and Near Zero Energy Buildings.  
Post date: 12 Feb 2020
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