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The “review and research” phase of the REQUEST programme aimed to identify best practices across Europe for increasing the uptake of EPC recommendations and promoting an integrated supply chain for low-carbonrenovation. In total, 95 case studies were identified and analysed – 77 from the REQUEST partner countries and 18 from non-participating countries (EU and beyond). 29 of these were considered best practice. (http://www.building-request.eu/info/review-and-research)
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ESTEC 2011 is setting new trends for solar thermal! For the first time, the biennial European Solar Thermal Energy Conference is being held outside Germany, the largest European market by far. In selecting France as the host country, ESTIF and ENERPLAN - the co-organizer of ESTEC 2011 - wanted to stress that the solar thermal market growth is increasingly coming from other large European countries, and in choosing Marseille, the gateway to the Mediterranean, highlight this region’s huge potential both from the northern and southern shores.
Post date: 25 Oct 2011
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Ulrich Nyffenegger vom Amt für Umweltkoordination und Energie des Kanton Bern fasst in der Präsentation folgende Punkte zusammen: Was heisst eigentlich Kosten-optimiertes NZEB? Welche Einflussfaktoren gibt es für das Kostenoptimum? Welche Anforderungen an kostenoptimale Gebäude sollten gestellt werden? Wie ist die Entwicklung der Energieeffizienz in der Schweiz? Was trägt der freiwillige Qualitäts-Standard MINERGIE bei?
Post date: 20 Oct 2011
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 The Galileo 1000 N is based on the high temperature fuel cell of SOFC (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell) type as well as on an additional gas burner. Both the fuel cell and the burner provide the basic demand of electricity and total demand of thermal energy to the building.
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The OPEN HOUSE methodology assesses the whole life- cycle of a building:
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This specification is intended to be a guide for designing an Active House, as a building that combines energy efficiency with specific attention to the indoor climate and focus on user’s health and well-being. The scope of this specification is residential buildings. The Active House specification is intended to be a guideline for construction and design industries at an international level. It seeks innovative approaches at technical levels whilst introducing goals of architectural quality and environmental design responsiveness and still securing energy efficiency.
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CEMBUREAU, the European Cement Association based in Brussels, is the representative organisation of the cement industry in Europe. The Association acts as spokesperson for the cement industry before the European Union institutions and other public authorities, and communicates the industry’s views on all issues and policy developments with regard to technical, environmental, energy and promotional issues. Permanent dialogue is maintained with EU institutions, international authorities and other international associations.
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