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In the context of the U.N. Habitat III conference that took place from 17 to 20 October 2016 in Quito, Ecuador, the European Commission has presented three commitments to meet the New Urban Agenda's global objectives. The Agenda, adopted at the conference, contains guidelines to make cities all over the world more inclusive, green, safe and prosperous.
Post date: 21 Oct 2016
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Housing Europe presents the contribution of Public, Cooperative and Social Housing providers to mitigate climate change.   Update: the webinar recordings and PDFs of presentations are now available here.   30th November 2015   15:00-16:30 Brussels time  14:00-15:30 London time 16:00-17:30 Athens time  
Post date: 16 Nov 2015
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The ACE Info gives an update every two months on the EU policy and legislative news relevant to the profession, ACE activities as well as links to recent publications, on-going competitions and forthcoming events.   Articles in newsletter: ACE MATTERS   ACE General Assembly - Special Session "Internationalisation & Responsibility", 17 April, Tallinn Final Declaration
Post date: 15 Mayo 2015
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This presentation was given at the 2013 Conference of The Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland (RIAI). It proposes a European perspective on emerging research on the challenges between protecting and using existing architectural resources and making it more sustainable for the future. European standard legislation is changing and will influence practice in Ireland. The presentation gives an overview of: - the EU legislation and Directives,
Post date: 3 Feb 2014
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Building Energy Efficiency in European Cities - URBACT (2013) This new URBACT report argues that for cities to play a central role in the reduction of CO2 emissions and the fight against climate change, they must seriously address the topic of Energy Efficiency in Buildings. In the report, the main challenges and opportunities regarding Energy Efficiency are highlighted, including the issues of fuel poverty and the opportunities of integrated urban strategies.Abstract
Post date: 4 Sep 2013
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Mentioning a '20% increase in energy efficiency' as one of the main priorities set out in the Europe 2020 strategy for 'smart, sustainable and inclusive growth,' Hahn spoke firmly about the important role of cities in acheiving these ends: 'There has been much talk in Brussels in the past couple of years about these objectives and how to achieve them,' said Hahn. 'I can tell you one thing very clearly: we will never achieve them without Europe's cities.
Post date: 15 Ene 2013
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The ambition of the Urbact II CASH project is to propose new solutions and promote new policies for the energy efficient renovation of social and affordable housing in the European Union. CASH is a network of 11 partners (10 cities and one region) led by Echirolles City. As a contribution to climate change issue, the network seeks to reduce energy consumption of buildings and in buildings. It looks for new solutions to improve energy efficiency (EE) through technological aspects, legal framework, financial and project engineering, stakeholder’s involvement and energy production.
Post date: 21 Nov 2012
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Addressing one of the 8 topics defined for this call, partner cities will be requested to consider the 3 following challenges:     How to manage urban development in the context of the economic and financial crisis     How to foster integrated and sustainable approaches to urban development     How to develop efficient partnerships and multi-level governance processes
Post date: 30 Dic 2011
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URBACT has four missions:
Post date: 29 Nov 2011
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The challenge set out by the Leipzig Charter may seem vast; nevertheless, it is only through joint efforts that we can truly aspire to better new housing developments – good, green, safe, and affordable – which will eventually give birth to the cities we want for the future of our continent.
Post date: 11 Mayo 2010
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