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Concept:   Old buildings in seismic-prone areas are increasingly vulnerable to earthquakes.   They are also high energy consumers due to their outdated energy designs. Existing retrofitting methods for old buildings treat structural and energy issues separately, disregarding a holistic approach.  
Post date: 1 Mar 2021
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This deliverable provides further analysis, policy proposals and draft descriptions of tools on the seven areas that the project has identified as its priorities for the development of enhanced EPC schemes.   This document provides detailed analysis, draft policy proposals and descriptions of tools on the seven priorities identified for the development of enhanced Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) schemes:  
Post date: 26 Feb 2021
Type: Publication

Brinova Arena Karlskrona is a multi functional venue suitable for both larger events and smaller sports activities. It is built to PHI Low Energy Standard and was completed in 2019.   Parties involved:  
Post date: 9 Feb 2021
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The Efficient Buildings Community has released new materials with the portfolio of digital tools developed by the Modular Projects of the community and with the synthesis of the main policy recommendations arisen from the ground experience of the projects.  
Post date: 8 Feb 2021
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The projects that will test-run smart city solutions for the 2nd edition of the “Smart Pamplona Lab” programme have been selected   This year the Pamplona City Council launched the 2nd edition of the 'Smart Pamplona Lab' programme, an initiative that is part of the EU-funded STARDUST project.  
Post date: 14 Ene 2021
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Concept: New Buildings Institute (NBI) is a trusted, independent nonprofit organization with a mission to push for better buildings that achieve zero energy, zero carbon, and beyond—through research, policy, guidance, and market transformation—to protect people and the planet.  
Post date: 14 Ene 2021
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Using the results, lessons learned, and strong collaborative relationships of ongoing and prior green finance projects, SMARTER Finance for Families offers its know-how to support identification of individual solutions for using green finance innovation to improve the health and comfort, financial stability, and energy performance of very low-income households.  
Post date: 14 Ene 2021
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The 2021 ASHRAE Virtual Winter Conference will take place in a convenient, online format February 9-11. Attendees can join live discussions with top experts, learn the latest updates relating to COVID-19, and have access to 90+ technical sessions for 18 months. Group rates are available, and members register for just $249.
Post date: 23 Dic 2020
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My Europe in 2050 lets you choose how we will change the European "Machine" in the next decades. How we will move, live, eat and consume, how we will change the agriculture, transport, energy generation, building sector and production systems.   Explore how you can keep the machine's output below 30 gigatons of greenhouse gases. This is the budget available for Europe if we want to take a fair reduction share to keep the 1.5° C target formulated in the Paris Agreement.
Post date: 15 Dic 2020
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Concept:   The achievement of the EU climate targets for 2030 will be facilitated by the widespread adoption of renewable energy. Hosting capacity can be reached through the market uptake of citizen energy communities (CEC).   The EU-funded LIGHTNESS project will increase the renewable energy capacity through social engagement, a regulatory roadmap, a low-cost technological package and innovative business models.  
Post date: 9 Dic 2020
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