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Post date: 11 Nov 2019
Type: Caso

  Klimahouse's strategic location at the heart of the Alps makes it the perfect meeting point for companies to exchange ideas, innovations and insights on the latest trends on energy-efficient and sustainable construction. Thanks to a good mix of exhibition offerings and a comprehensive information program, Klimahouse positioned itself as the leading trade show on sustainable construction in all of Italy.  
Post date: 4 Nov 2019
Type: Evento

An increased energy performance of buildings not only reduces energy costs and CO2 emissions, but creates jobs, increases the comfort and health of its occupants and brings environmental benefits in terms of improved air quality. Valuing these multiple benefits is key to making investment decision more viable and thus accelerating building renovation.  
Post date: 21 Oct 2019
Type: Publication

Progetto “Qualità dell’Aria negli Edifici Scolastici – QAES” Descrizione sintetica del progetto   QAES – Sviluppo di nuovi standard per il miglioramento della qualità dell’aria e dell’ambiente interno delle scuole. Il progetto affronta il problema della scarsa qualità dell’aria e dell’ambiente interno negli edifici scolastici e delle relative ricadute in termini di salute e capacità di apprendimento.  
Post date: 17 Oct 2019
Type: Enlace

8th European Congress on the Use, Management and Conservation of Buildings of Historical Value: “Born in the Past – Used Today – Preserved for the Future“ Burghauptmannschaft Österreich invites you to the 7th European Congress on the Use, Management and Conservation of Buildings of Historical Value: “Born in the Past – Used Today – Preserved for the Future“ at Imperial Palace Vienna on 16 and 17 October 2018. Topic: Energy Efficiency and Historic Buildings - Contradiction or Reality?
Post date: 8 Oct 2019
Type: Evento

PROtect traditional built HERITAGE Skills – PRO-Heritage According to the climate change and energy policy of the EU, each member state needed to identify and develop a series of energy efficient goals and regulations, of which buildings are a key element, in order to reach the set goals. However, Europe has numerous historic buildings, which need permanent maintenance and refurbishment in order to fulfil the requirements of sustainability and use.  
Post date: 7 Oct 2019
Type: Enlace

Innovation in the construction sector is an important driver to adapt to megatrends such as digitalisation, globalised value chains and greater urbanisation, while reducing the industry’s climate impact. Industrial prefabrication is a promising example to boost deep renovation by increased collaboration and aggregated demand.  
Post date: 4 Oct 2019
Type: Publication

Having comparable performance data coming from buildings that could be converted into information and useful knowledge would largely benefit key stakeholders of the building sector (building managers, designers and policy makers). The generated knowledge would improve existing and next generation buildings, thanks to the improved control, design and energy performance regulations generated.  
Post date: 27 Sep 2019
Type: Noticias

Wir befassen uns mit der Schlüsseltechnologie Cloud und Common Data Environment (CDE) für das digitale Planen, Bauen und Betreiben, diskutieren ausführlich über den Stand der Dinge des BIM-Stufenplans der Bundesregierung und werfen im dritten Forum zur digitalen Transformation einen Blick über unsere Branche hinaus, um detailierte Einblicke zu erhalten, welche Chancen im digitalen Wandel stecken und wie die digitale Rendite gehoben werden kann.  
Post date: 23 Sep 2019
Type: Evento