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NATURALnyDOM in Gliwice was built in 2006, using ERS (Energy Recycling System) technology: stratified heat storage, solar collectors, fireplace with a water jacket, wall heating, control system, and construction elements - active “breathing” partition, winter garden.  
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Finden Sie hier alles wissenwertes übe Photovoltaik und Sonnenkollektoren 
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The largest Passive House project in Europe (project Lodenareal) has been opened in October 2009 in Innsbruck, the capital city of Tirol  (Austria). About 35.000 m² (brutto) for 354 flats (26.000 m²) have been build by the building owner Neue Heimat Tirol (, a social housing company providing affordable flats for the citizens. The heat energy demand is to be 15 kWh/m².year, as calculated by the PHPP software.
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