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This slide presentation describes the main results of a study operated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the USA, to understand the impact of commissioning common faults on the energy consumption of an air-to-air heat pump installed in a single-family house.
Post date: 12 Dic 2017
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Heat Pumps in near Zero Emission Buildings (nZEB) - in the new issue of the HPT Magazine!   Heat pumps is an excellent choice for low energy buildings! This is evidenced by the three projects (so called annexes) - within the Technology Collaboration Programme on Heat Pumping Technologies (HPT TCP) - that have been devoted to them, as well as the number of countries that have been participating in them. In the latest issue of HPT Magazine, we get an overview of the benefits of using heat pumps in low energy buildings.  
Post date: 23 Nov 2017
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SEasonal PErformance factor and MOnitoring for heat pump systems in the building sector     The IEE project aimed at overcoming market barriers to a wider application of heat pumps, namely the lack of robust data on the conditions "in real installations" influencing reliability and seasonal efficiency, i.e. the seasonal performance factor (SPF) of heat pump systems across Europe. The objective was to get a broader acceptance of heat pump systems and improved quality assurance for heat pump systems in the building sector.  
Post date: 16 Nov 2017
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Training courses for installers of small-scale renewable energy systems in buildings     The objective of the IEE Install+RES project was to establish training courses for the qualification of trainers and the certification of installers of renewable energy systems (biomass, solar, PV and heat pumps) in buildings. The target groups were installers (with working experience as plumbers, roofers or electricians) and trainers (as teachers, engineers and professors).  
Post date: 14 Nov 2017
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Ireland’s Energy Projections 2017 - Progress to targets, challenges and impacts  
Post date: 16 Oct 2017
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Decarbonisation of society must include a decarbonisation of heating & cooling in industry and commerce. This brochure, released by the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA), includes application examples of 15 projects that show how heat pumps can be efficient and effective in large projects.   Contents include:  
Post date: 29 Sep 2017
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The CHESS SETUP project is designing a solution to provide energy from renewable sources to buildings relying on:  
Post date: 27 Sep 2017
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HybridGEOTABS Symposium on Advanced Thermal Energy Solutions for High Performance Buildings   On Wednesday 4 October, the hybridGEOTABS consortium is organizing a Symposium on Advanced Thermal Energy Solutions for High Performance Buildings at Solarwind headquarters in Windhof, Luxembourg.
Post date: 25 Sep 2017
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Edificio inteligente de readaptación complementa con solar asistida bombas de calor integrado dentro de un auto-corrección de edificio inteligente sistema de gestión de energía.      
Post date: 11 Ago 2017
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The Horizon 2020 funded TESSe2b project (Thermal Energy Storage Systems for Energy Efficient Buildings) will enable the optimal use of renewable energy and provide one of the most advantageous solutions for correcting the mismatch that often occurs between the supply and demand of energy in residential buildings. The target of TESSe2b is to design, develop, validate and demonstrate a modular and low cost thermal storage technology based on solar collectors and highly efficient heat pumps for heating, cooling and domestic hot water (DHW) production.
Post date: 10 Ago 2017
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