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The H2020 project CRAVEzero aims to increase the viability of nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (nZEB) through solutions and tools for supporting the cost reduction during the whole life cycle of the buildings. In particular, one of the backbones of the project is the CRAVEzero pinboard, a structured platform that includes all the tools and supporting materials elaborated within the project.
Post date: 2 Jul 2020
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June 9 @ 9:00 am - 1:00 pm   The buildingSMART International Council will take place online this year. A brief agenda can be found with a full agenda to follow.   0900 – Welcome and Introductions 09:30 – CEO Report 10:00 – Technical Roadmap 10:20 – Solutions and Standards Program 10:40 – Marketing and Communications 11:00 – Financial Report 11:15 – Break 11:45 – Open Discussion 12:45 – TBC 13:00 – Close  
Post date: 12 Mayo 2020
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This webinar series is organized by BUILD UP in cooperation with EPB Center’s experts under the scope of Service Contract ENER/C3/2017-437/SI2-785.185 “Support the dissemination and roll-out of the set of Energy Performance of Buildings standards developed under EC Mandate M/480” (duration September 2018 - September 2021).  
Post date: 19 Mar 2020
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Webinar 3 – EPB regulations: how to make good use of the outputs of the EPB assessments (12h00 – 13h30 – 16 April 2020) Optimizing Energy Performance of Buildings (EPB) regulations is a very challenging task. All the more so when the energy performance requirements become very strict.  
Post date: 18 Mar 2020
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The European Union has established clear legislative frameworks to reduce energy demand from buildings. The directives on the Energy Performance of Buildings (EPBD, 2018/844/EU) and on Energy Efficiency (EED, 2018/2002/EU) are being implemented by the EU Member States to this end.
Post date: 12 Mar 2020
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Buildings have an enormous role to play in the EU’s attempts to slash greenhouse gas emissions.  
Post date: 10 Mar 2020
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buildingSMART International is pleased to announce the registration for the International Standards Summit in Oslo is now open. The summit brings together the global community to develop solutions and standards. This summit is being hosted by buildingSMART Norway at the Thon Hotel, Lillestrøm. Don't miss out on an exciting program of keynotes, roundtables, working sessions and much more.   Location: Thon Hotel, Lillestrøm, near Oslo Airport Duration: Four days  
Post date: 13 Dic 2019
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The Government has launched a consultation on the introduction of a “Future Homes Standard” for England, to be operable from 2025. There are to be proposed interim measures applicable from 2020. The aim is to ensure that new build homes in England will be future-proofed, with low carbon heating and world-leading levels of energy efficiency.  
Post date: 10 Dic 2019
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New York City has introduced a bill that will rank and grade large buildings according to energy efficiency.   
Post date: 4 Dic 2019
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Towards a new generation of user-centred Energy Performance Assessment and Certification; facilitated and empowered by the EPB Center The main aim of U-CERT is to introduce a next generation of user centred certification schemes to value buildings in a holistic and cost-effective manner. This aims to:  
Post date: 6 Nov 2019
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