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Post date: 2 Ago 2012
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The guidance, issued under the Home Energy Conservation Act (HECA), asks local authorities to publish a report on their plans to achieve improved energy efficiency by 31 March 2013. Local authorities will be required to identify practicable and cost-effective measures likely to result in significant energy reduction in all residential accommodation in their area. The guidance also asks local authorities to consider the role key local partners, such as social housing providers and community organisations, can play in supporting their plans. 
Post date: 2 Ago 2012
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- project implementation - database of available training materials - database of best practices - PATRES training programme   
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The sustainability of the action will be ensured by the inclusion of the capacity-building activities in perennial competences centres, able to perform and enhance the contents and approach on a longer-term basis. The project will be implemented by a partnership including 14 partners from 9 countries, 6 of them from Central and Eastern Europe (DE, FR, AT, BG, RO, LT, LV, PL, CZ). Further information is available at http://www.beam21.eu.
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