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In 2012 the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology and the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund launched the publication series “energy innovation austria”. These publications (published four times a year) provide insight into the Austrian energy research and present new concepts and innovative products in the field of forward-looking energy technologies. The articles are based on research projects funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology and the Climate and Energy Fund. 
Post date: 18 Jun 2015
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Reseachers in Ludwigsburg (Germany) have developed a district energy concept by combining the advantages of ambitious building concepts and refurbishment measures with energy efficient heat supply; a local heating network for two city districts- the existing district of Grünbühl and the Sonnenberg development area. The heat generation is realised by a combination of a brine-water heat pump and a combined heat and power plant. BINE project info 04/2015 explains the concept, presents the advantages and analyses general success factors for district energy concepts.  
Post date: 6 Mayo 2015
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Successes and challenges for advancing the sustainability of cities in two key focus areas are highlighted in the Country-Level Snapshots report compiled and recently released by the Clean Energy Ministerial’s Global Sustainable Cities Network (GSCN). The snapshots showcase waste-to-energy and demand-side management efforts in cities.
Post date: 17 Oct 2013
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Building Energy Efficiency in European Cities - URBACT (2013) This new URBACT report argues that for cities to play a central role in the reduction of CO2 emissions and the fight against climate change, they must seriously address the topic of Energy Efficiency in Buildings. In the report, the main challenges and opportunities regarding Energy Efficiency are highlighted, including the issues of fuel poverty and the opportunities of integrated urban strategies.Abstract
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URBACT has four missions:
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