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A range of breakthrough eco-building solutions which tackle the emerging problem of indoor air quality have been presented by the ECO-SEE project at the Ecobuild construction fair in London.   The solutions include novel insulation, coating and panel products which improve air quality by passively regulating humidity, capturing VOCs, and removing indoor organic pollutants through photocatalysis. External and internal wall panels have also been developed, in addition to design tools to support end users.
Post date: 16 Mar 2017
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Upon the request of Habitat for Humanity International, Metropolitan Research Institute (MRI) has completed an in-depth research of energy efficiency renovation subsidy schemes in Central European countries (Hungary, Poland, 
Post date: 14 Mar 2017
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En línea con la REELIH project, Hábitat para la Humanidad trabajado con su antiguo socio Metropolitana de Investigación Insitute (MRI) to la realización de un estudio sobre los países de europa Central y tener una experiencia con renovaciones a gran escala de varios edificios de apartamentos.
Post date: 8 Mar 2017
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Reducing Energy Poverty by Energy Efficiency Projects in Residential Buildings: The Case for Eastern Europe  
Post date: 20 Feb 2017
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Energy poverty is one of the most pressing issues in Central and Eastern Europe. By addressing energy efficient retrofitting of multi-unit apartment buildings, the REELIH (residential energy efficiency for low income households) project is working to promote an innovative approach to reduce energy poverty.  
Post date: 7 Feb 2017
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By combining energy usage data with weather/climate, grid and building the tool automatically gives users insight into their energy usage, and provide suggestions on the best way to reduce their expenditure and energy usage.   Useful tool for Energy Professionals to process energy bills quickly
Post date: 7 Oct 2016
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The European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE 2017) will celebrate its 25th edition in Stockholm from 12th to 15th June 2017. On behalf of the EUBCE Scientific Committee it is a great pleasure to invite you to be part of this event and to share your latest achievements, findings and innovations with the scientific and industrial communities.
Post date: 15 Sep 2016
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A recent analysis from BPIE on the vulnerability to gas supply disruptions concludes that Central and South East European (SEE) countries are facing a strategic choice.   International developments over the past few years have intensified the energy challenges facing Central and Southern European countries. The interruption of Russian gas supply via Ukraine, volatile global oil prices and divergent interests of State actors have renewed Europe’s concerns about its energy dependency.  
Post date: 7 Sep 2016
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On 27 May 2016, Balkan Green Energy News announced that the World Bank is ready to support the Bosnia Energy Efficiency Project (BEEP) with further investments and advisory, according to Jary Vayrynen, task team leader for the endeavour, which is financed by the domestic government through loans from the international finance institution and the International Development Association. The project is funded with USD 32 million (EUR 28.8 million).  
Post date: 31 Mayo 2016
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The Regional Energy Efficiency Programme (REEP) provides a combination of financing instruments, technical assistance and policy support to Western Balkans countries that help create a sustainable market for energy efficiency. The countries targeted are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, FYR of Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia.  
Post date: 11 Feb 2016
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