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POCITYF project raises stakes for positive energy city transformation

A new smart city EU-funded project, POCITYF, is set to transform our historical and cultural cities into more efficient, healthy, sustainable living environments with "positive energy districts". Led by EDP, the...

Renewable district energy: cities' first step towards decarbonisation

As sustainable energy moves up the political agenda, low carbon solutions for heating and cooling are coming to the fore. District heating in Dresden is turning greener thanks to the Innovation Power Plant Reick   Decarbonization and...

How will tenants save money with renewable energies?

As Germany’s recent Tenant Electricity Act opens the door to the so-called tenant electricity, Dresden unveils its "Smart Tenants" project to help them saving energy, money and protecting the climate.   Before mid-2017, Germany homeowners...

Dresden goes green and bids on sustainable mobility

On 21 March, the Smart City of Dresden has been awarded by the EU for its sustainable mobility plan   Europe is at the forefront of fighting CO2 emissions. Every year the Union and its agencies organise numerous initiatives to...

Comparative analysis of standardized indicators for smart sustainable cities: what indicators and standards to use and when?

The choice of the most suitable indicator framework is crucial, but difficult, as it requires expert knowledge. To help cities in their choice, this paper compares seven recently published indicator standards for Smart sustainable cities.   The...

Dresden: a further step towards its Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan 2025plus

The development of the urban mobility of Dresden is one of the cities' core assets. The plan does not only support political decision-makers but also the economy, traffic-related institutions, NGOs, and institutional partners. It also offers an...

Big boilers from Reick

Trial operation has begun for the latest heat towers of the storage tanks at Reick power station. The Technical University of Dresden monitors the effectiveness of the district heating system. Thomas Dautert stands in the innovation power plant...

The new Lighthouse Project MAtchUP kicks-off in Valencia

  Three new Lighthouse cities and Four Follower cities enriching the European smart city landscape     Twenty-eight partners from eight different countries gathered together in Valencia to kick-off MAtchUP, a smart city project...

MAtchUP project transforming urban areas: co-designing future smart cities

MAtchUP will deploy large scale demonstration projects in three Lighthouse cities namely, Valencia (Spain), Dresden (Germany) and Antalya (Turkey), and support the development of replication and upscaling plans in four Follower cities namely,...