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NewHoRRIzon Project

Concept   NewHoRRIzon is a project that aims at further integrating Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in the research and innovation systems on national and international levels.    The concept of RRI is an approach which...

EEnvest Project

Concept, Objective and Methodology   EEnvest aims at supporting investors´ decision making process by translating building’s energy efficiency technical requirements into economic indicators.   These indicators are in turn used to...


Concept   The North Sea Region (NSR) contains 22 million houses built in 1950-1985 that are causing 79 Mton CO2 of emissions annually. Current home renovations are being carried out on a limited-scale and many are not to nZEB...

D2Grids Project

Concept    Increasing the share of renewable energy by accelerating the roll-out of demand-driven smart grids delivering low temperature heating and cooling to NWE cities   The D2GRIDS project aims to develop 5th...

Bamboo architecture: Bali's Green School inspires a global renaissance

Bamboo always has been a basic construction material in tropical latitudes. But generally it has been used for inexpensive shacks, stalls, fences, scaffolding and sunscreens. If not treated, bamboo is highly susceptible to fire and naturally...

RESTORE Newsletter #22 (August 2019)

#22 Newsletter includes:   -Application open to 4th CA16114 RESTORE Training School - The 4-day Autumn 2019 COST RESTORE Training School “Rethinking technologies for regenerative indoor environment” is open to...

FACADES19 Conference - SOUTH Challenges and beyond

Climate change is already underway, and some dangerous consequences include warmer average temperatures and severe and frequent heat waves.   The recent heat waves, which set new temperature records in Europe, has shown that Western, Central and...

IEEE Smart City Planning & Technology Standard Series - Exploring the IEEE Smart City Planning and Technology Standard P2784

IEEE Smart City Planning and Technology Standard Series - How to Build a Smart City: Exploring the IEEE Smart City Planning and Technology Standard P2784   Public agency leaders, whether city managers, public works directors, or elected officials,...

HESMOS Project

Concept   HESMOS will achieve an industry-driven holistic approach for sustainable optimisation of energy performance and emissions (CO2) reduction through integrated design and simulation, while balancing investment, maintenance...

Perlita Passive house

The goal of the Perlita Project is to show a new path for low energy consumption buildings in Los Angeles and in Southern California through realistic, affordable and reproducible solutions.   The main focus was the energy efficiency...