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Please take a minute to tell us what you think about BUILD UP!

Help us improve BUILD UP, the European Portal for Energy Efficiency in Buildings. Taking this short survey can be your contribution to making sure BUILD UP truly meets your needs. It will only take a few minutes.   Your contribution...

R-ACES project

fRamework for Actual Cooperation on Energy on Sites and Parks Objective   R-Aces means a step-change in the contribution of European Industry to the climate targets of the EU. The sector after all represents 25% of all energy demand...

INCUBIS project

An Industrial Symbiosis Incubator for Maximizing Waste Heat/Cold Efficiency in Industrial Parks and Districts THE OPPORTUNITY   Energy Symbiosis (the selling and buying of excess energy) can lead to energy efficiency improvements,...

Emb3rs project

User-driven Energy-Matching & Business prospection tool for industrial Excess heat/cold Reduction, Recovery and Redistribution Objective   The EMB3Rs project will implement a bottom-up, user-driven and open source modelling...

EuroPACE Webinar: Cities and Regions kickstarting the Renovation Wave

This webinar hosted by JAE explored the mechanisms by which cities and regions can kick-start their renovation wave through the facilitation of collaboration between the public and private sector.   EuroPACE was presented alongside the FITHOME...

Web workshop U-CERT | Building Energy Performance Certificates for the people

Learn from U-CERT team, our guest keynote speaker, the 6 guest representatives of the Next Generation EPCertficates cluster of H2020 projects and take part in the interactive activities, led by IRI-UL, targeted at all 6 projects to try to understand...

EDYCE project

EDYCE (Energy flexible DYnamic building CErtification) is the natural evolution of the conventional Energy Performance Certification into real-time optimization of building...

Association IBO - Austrian Institute for Healthy and Ecological Building

As an independent scientific association, the IBO has been researching the interactions between humans, buildings and the environment since 1980. One of its central tasks is the development and promotion of the fundamentals of ecological...

ifeu - Institut für Energie- und Umweltforschung Heidelberg

About us   ifeu conducts research and provides a worldwide consultancy service in relation to all major environmental and sustainability issues. With more than 40 years of experience, ifeu is one of the most important ecological...

SMART-SPACE - Smart Sustainable Public Spaces across the NWE region

PROJECT SUMMARY   NWE faces a great challenge to shift towards a low carbon economy by 2050. Municipalities play a pivotal role, as they account for 70% of the NWE energy consumption and CO2 emission. Especially, standard public...