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Putting End-Users First

Understanding customers’ perspective when developing low temperature DHC networks There is an EU ambition to create “Energy Citizens”, which will be actively engaged in the decision-making process of choosing the means of energy supply as well as in...

Webinar "Energy and comfort assessment in Buildings"

The ABC 21 project will participate in the eceee Summer Study online conference (for more details click here). Wednesday, June 9th 2021, at 16h15 CEST w are organising a session that will address the topic “Energy and comfort assessment: important...

[DEXMA Day 2021] The event of the most advanced energy professionals⚡

 Be part of the digital future of Energy Efficiency by joining our Online DEXMA Day! During the 1h45 WEBINAR, we will talk about Energy Trends, such as: Solar PV, Indoor Air Quality Monitoring, and New Value-Added Services for Utilities ! DEXMA Day...

Sustainability in construction in Belgium and in Germany

Construction represents one third of the waste in Belgium. The increasing demand for sustainable materials and technologies in construction and the stricter rules regarding energy efficiency for new buildings and renovation projects invites firms to...

[Webinar] Celsius Talk: Waste Heat from Hospitals

This month’s Celsius Talk will be hosted in collaboration with the ReUseHeat project. It will highlight the first results and replicability potential of the project’s demo site in Madrid where they recover waste heat from a hospital.   Tertiary...

FEDARENE joins the Cities Manifesto for Fossil-Free Heating and Cooling

The signatory cities of the Cities Manifesto for Fossil-Free Heating & Cooling remain united in their conviction that the heat transition can only be achieved if all government levels fulfil their role, provide the right support mechanisms and...

District energy flexibility from a building resident perspective

The emerging challenge of balancing weather dependent electricity production and variable demand is creating new demands on the energy system. Without adding extensive flexibility to the power system these issues will lead to a costly transition to...

Meet the iPHA Affiliates: The Hellenic Passive House Institute, Greece

The International Passive House Association (iPHA) was founded in 2010 to support the growing global Passive House community, disseminate information on the Passive House Standard and foster a greater public understanding of its significance.   iPHA...

International DGNB Consultant Training in July

Looking at the latest numbers on certified buildings and districts as well as educated experts, DGNB continues to gain importance also on an international level. Projects have now been certified according to DGNB requirements in no less than 25...

A MOOC on straw construction

A Massive Open Online Course is an online learning programme, also known as a MOOC. The UP STRAW partners have written a brand new MOOC, to help you learn more about straw and natural building: "Building for Change - Naturally".   The objective of...