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Bernard Gilmont

Director Engineered Products, European Aluminium (Non-profit)
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Three case studies demonstrate the short CO2 payback of aluminium renovation systems

An independent expert has been involved in order to secure the scientific validity and technical quality of the results.For further information, please have a look at the BUILD UP Community on Windows, Doors, Curtain Walls, or go directly to the...


Array METALS FOR BUILDINGS is the new alliance of European Metals Associations active in the building sector that promotes the unique strengths of metal products for recyclable and sustainable buildings. Metals are essential in...

Two energy-efficient building products among the winners of the European Aluminium Award 2010 on Industrial Design & Engineering

Up to now, solar collectors which were integrated into façades were primarily available in form of flat plate collectors with a thermally insulated opaque rear wall. The award winning technology is based on evacuated tubes combined with aluminium...

Window energy labeling in cooling season: fenestration and glazed structures - Climate zones


Energy efficiency winners of the European Aluminium in Renovation Award 2009 unveiled at the European Parliament

Residential winner: "Torenflat" in Zeist (NL), Frowijn de Roos Architecten The Torenflat (high-rise apartment block) contains 484 apartments on central corridors on 19 residential levels. One of the important objectives of the...