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Sergio Altomonte

Associate Professor, University of Nottingham (Non-profit)
United Kingdom

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EDUCATE Prize Catalogue


Criteria for Professional Qualification - White Paper

Founded on the 11 principles of Article 46 - Training of Architects of the European Directive 2005/36/EC, this paper takes a propositive approach in reviewing current national and international legislation, and initiatives promoted by professional...

Sustainable Architectural Education - White Paper

Far from advocating the standardisation of pedagogies in programmes of higher education, this paper fully supports the requirement for flexibility, autonomy, cultural diversity and innovation in academic and pre- and post-professional training in...

EDUCATE Prize - International Student Award

The Prize also aims to reward original and innovative ideas and pedagogical methods promoting sustainable principles and practices in curricula of higher education. For further information on the EDUCATE Prize please visit www.educate-...

EDUCATE Framework For Curriculum Development

The EDUCATE Framework for Curriculum Development has been conceived to facilitate the incorporation of principles and practices of sustainable environmental design and energy efficiency in the education of architects. This document has been...

State of the art of environmental sustainability in academic curricula and conditions for registration

The report features the following contents: Detailed description of architectural-accredited degrees (including undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses) at each of the 7 partner academic institutions; Significant exempla of...

State of the art of environmental sustainability in professional practice

The analysis featured in this report has been performed through on-line electronic surveys in order to ascertain the existing state of play in terms of environmental awareness, knowledge, ability-base and demands within architectural practice and...