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Bauhaus.SOLAR 2012

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The topic of the 5th International Congress Bauhaus.SOLAR is ¨Redevelopment of residential areas & city centers¨. Since 2008 the International Congress Bauhaus.SOLAR has promoted interdisciplinary dialogue among architects, planners, civil engineers, technicians, designers and representatives of the solar, real estate and financial industry.

Redevelopment of residential areas & city centersis the topic
of the 5th International Congress Bauhaus.SOLAR

Starting in 2012, the congress series will be dedicated to a specific theme in this exciting field. At the same time, new formats and moderations shall provide more room for problem descriptions as well as technical discussion and dialogue between speakers and congress participants.

Large-/housing developments are particularly suitable for developing new approaches for quarter solutions for renewable energy supply. The goal is a sustainable, integrated overall concept that equally takes into consideration energetic as well as energy-efficient, urban development, housing industry and social aspects. The application of solar solutions promises great potential in this connection.
A special challenge is the building integration with regard to old buildings and listed buildings – particularly in old town centres.

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