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Streetlight refurbishment with Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) - Checklist

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This checklist is the English version of the checklists for municipalities and ESCOs on implementing streetlight EPC projects prepared within the 'Refurbishment of street lighting with LED and EPC' project and available in the respective languages for the specific contexts of the project regions (Upper Austria, North-West Croatia, South Bohemia/Czech Republic, Pomerania/Poland, Carlow & Kilkenny County/Ireland, SouthEast Sweden, Podravje/Slovenia, Macedonia, North & Central Spain).


These checklists permit a first assessment of whether streetlight refurbishment could be carried out economically and whether EPC might be a suitable solution.


The English checklist and all other checklists and documents in the nine languages (English, German, Croatian, Polish, Czech, Swedish, Spanish, Slovenian and Macedonian) are available at: http://www.streetlight-epc.eu/publications-events/#c12511


The European Union (EU) project Streetlight - Energy Performance Contracting (EPC), co-funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Union, was launched in April 2014 with the objective to trigger the market uptake of EPC through street lighting refurbishment projects.


In addition to the checklist, a guide and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) have also been produced for a practical step-by-step guidance to municipalities and Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) on financing streetlight refurbishment through EPC.