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Calculates temperature distributions, heat flows and (optionally) vapor diffusion flows in building structures - particularly those with thermal heat bridges. AnTherm (Analysis of Thermal behavior of Building Construction Heat Bridges) is designed for the technically qualified designer by providing thorough and reliable evaluation of thermal performance in accordance with current European standards (EN ISO).

This tool calculates characteristic indicators for the construction, such as linear (or point) thermal transmittance or the matrix of thermal coupling coefficients (i.e. boundary conditions independent results).

AnTherm facilitates generation of geometrical models through a graphic input display of building structures, as well as by providing very fast, fully automated generation and precise solution of the underlying numerical model. AnTherm allows the user to control the precision of numerical solutions through parameters.

The thermal performance of assemblies with overall dimensions of up to approximately 100 meters and details as small as 1/10 mm can be simulated with AnTherm. Limitations to the scope of evaluation depend on the capabilities of the PC (available RAM, number and speed of processors).

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