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Nature-Based Solutions & Re-Naturing Cities

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Towards an EU Research and Innovation policy agenda for Nature-Based Solutions & Re-Naturing Cities. Final Report of the Horizon 2020 Expert Group on 'Nature-Based Solutions and Re-Naturing Cities'


This report was produced by the Horizon 2020 Expert Group on 'Nature-Based Solutions and Re-Naturing Cities' and gives useful information on natural-based solutions.


Natural-based solutions is an integrated sustainable approach towards numerous societal challenges. Through natural-based solutions, the power and sophistication of nature is harnessed in order environmental and socio-economic challenges turn into innovation opportunities. Nature-based solutions are practices and actions, either entirely inspired or supported by nature, that have tremendous potential to be energy and resource-efficient. Their succesful implementation depends on their adaptation level to local conditions. Moreover, they have multiple benefits for the economy, improve human health, protect the environment and in general they represent more efficient and cost-effective solutions than the traditional approaches.


Four principal targets have been identified that can be addressed by nature - based solutions. These are:


  • enhancing sustainable urbanisation;
  • restoring degraded ecosystems;
  • developing climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies; and
  • improving risk management and resilience.

Based on the aforementioned goals, the report recommends seven nature-based solutions for Research & Innovation actions to be taken by the European Commission and Member States.


  • Urban regeneration through nature-based solutions
  • Nature-based solutions for improving well-being in urban areas
  • Establishing nature-based solutions for coastal resilience
  • Multi-functional nature-based watershed management and ecosystem restoration
  • Nature-based solutions for increasing the sustainability of the use of matter and energy
  • Nature-based solutions for enhancing the insurance value of ecosystems
  • Increasing carbon sequestration through nature-based solutions

To read the full report, please click on the link provided below.