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Renovation of Paradis School

Le Cas Présenté June 2018
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Project type : Renovation

Building Type : Preschool, kindergarten, nursery

Construction Year : 1972

Climate zone : [Cfb] Marine Mild Winter, warm summer, no dry season.

Net Floor Area : 2 362 m2

Construction/refurbishment cost : 800 000 €

Number of Children : 147 Children

Cost/m2 : 339 €/m2

Cost/Child : 5 442 €/Child
20 rue du Paradis , 75010 Paris, France

In Paris, 100 schools have been renovated in two years to improve their energy performance! This challenge, Optimal Solutions, subsidiary Dalkia (EDF Group) noted. The program is a major component of the energy and climate plan launched by the City of Paris in 2007. The aim is to reduce CO2 emissions by 30% and achieve 30% energy savings by 2020. Why schools? Because they represent 25% of the City of Paris real estate.

An EPC - Energy Performance Contract is an innovative business model, which reduces risks for the city, and which asserts itself as the pivot of the energy transition of local communities. On the menu: the reduction of energy losses and the installation of heating systems, regulation and lighting with high energy performance. To meet this challenge of energy performance, Optimal Solutions, for its part, has combined a tailor-made approach that integrates the architectural and thermal specificities of each school.

Optimal Solutions has deployed an intelligent digital tracking system and remote control of energy performance; planning interventions outside school time to minimize discomfort; an eco-awareness program for both municipal officials and schoolchildren, in partnership with the Éveil association, during the twenty years of the contract.This case study focuses on the renovation of one of the schools representative of the program : Ecole Paradis, located in the 10th arrondissement.

Program of work: implementation of standard operations, such as thermostatic valves, pins for managing the periods of partial occupation, regulation or improvement of class lighting.


The program also includes insulation work in the basement and the replacement of joinery in the classrooms.
Interventions, managed mainly during school holidays, have avoided any inconvenience to the occupants.


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