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What is Topic of the Month?


In Build Up we want that everyone feels involved. That is what the Topic of the Month is for, so all the community can contribute with articles, events and much more under the same topic. 


This month of September our topic is 'Financing energy efficiency of buildings'​​.


Which content is related to the topic?

  • Financial schemes to support energy Efficiency (both renovations and new builidngs) and effectiveness at EU level
  • EPC models
  • Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and role of financial players
  • De-risking energy efficiency investments
  • Green and energy efficiency mortgages
  • EU funds (ELENA, H2020 and others)

Here you have the remarkable contributions of this month:



Overview Articles


overview.jpgArchitecture 4.0. This overview explores the concept of Architecture 4.0 and its relation to digital information and communication technologies. It is important to emphasise that the digital transformation is characterised by a fusion of advanced technologies and the integration of physical and digital systems, the predominance of innovative business models and new processes, and the creation of smart products and services.


Expert talks


expert.jpgArmand Paardekooper Overman, Associate Architect at Mecanoo. He is also a founding partner of fUSE Architecture and, in 2014, he founded the real estate development company Urban Sync. He has extensive experience in realizing spatial quality within the context of complex multi-stakeholder processes. The focus of the interview is on architecture and urban planning, technology and materials in buildings and some very innovative projects which Armand has been involved with.




CU WEBINAR | Sustainable Construction through Circular Economy under the Green Deal. As part of the European Green Deal, the Circular Economy Action Plan aims at accelerating and promoting the transition to a circular economy. This second webinar will focus on the contribution of ceramic construction products to circular and sustainable construction and the challenges that lie ahead.


GREENCITIES - 11th Forum of Urban Intelligence and Sustainability. Greencities invites you to cocreate projects, establish contacts, count ideas, offer services, approach new technologies and obtain inspiration. Greencities is the only event in the sector that offers a unique, real opportunity to network between companies and cities.





Webinar | Heating systems in the EPB standards. This 6th webinar is focused on the CEN standards related to heating and domestic hot water systems developed under the EC Mandate M/480 and published in 2017. On the long term, EU is pushing towards a change in energy carriers and technologies applied to provide comfort services in buildings. Therefore, these new CEN standards are dealing with all available innovative technologies.


Webinar | Are architects ready for the digitalisation?. The webinar will present a European state-of-the-art analysis, examining how digitalised the construction industry already is, and which are the possible points of knowledge transfer. Furthermore, experts in the field of architecture and digitalisation will highlight the necessity of architects’ involvement in the 4.0 revolution.




original.jpgAlgorithms are designing better buildings. At a basic level, algorithms can be a powerful tool for providing exhaustive information for the design, construction and use of a building. Building information modelling uses comprehensive software to standardise and share data from across architecture, engineering and construction that used to be held separately.



original.jpgHow to grow a “living” building. The core idea for living buildings was popularized by ILFI, and it’s really about a building being regenerative—whether that’s generating more energy than it uses, harvesting and treating water on site or diverting waste from landfill and reusing materials..





resalta.jpgNew Circular Economy Action Plan and the ambitious vision of the European Green Deal We are pleased to see that the Action Plan contains coherent, long-term measures to enhance the life span of construction works (through durability, maintenance, repair and reuse) and to increase the recycling and reuse of construction waste.





resalta.jpgSvart hotel in Norway: how to reach the Plus Energy target The architect firm Snøhetta, in collaboration with Arctic Adventures of Norway, Asplan Viak and Skanska, has designed “Svart”, the world’s first Plus Energy hotel in a Northern climate.





sykesdomOS project. Digitisation in existing buildings is not as widespread as in other sectors. A consequence is that buildings owners and occupants have generally a limited understanding of their building as an energy system. Improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings can and should be achieved through deep renovation.


sykesQuad2BIM project. QUAD2BIM's mission is to promote Smart Heritage turning BIM (Building information modeling) in a functional instrument of knowledge, design and management for historical architecture.



Get ready for November's Topic of the Month 'Renovation of existing buildings' and prepare your next publications.


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