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Smart Readiness Indicator for Buildings - Stakeholder meeting

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Second stakeholder meeting


The second stakeholder meeting will take place on 9 October 2019.
Tour MADOU (Place Madou 1) in Brussels.

The objectives of the meeting are to:

  • Present the defined calculation methodology and consolidated results on the evaluation of quantitative impacts as presented in the interim report
  • Discuss ongoing work regarding the format of the SRI and its potential implementation pathways
  • Present intermediate results of the public bèta testing
  • Report on the contributions of the Topical Working Groups

Please consult the full agenda here.


Please note that you will be required to provide personal information (ID or passport details, date of birth and nationality). This information is needed to issue an ePass, granting you access to the conference venue.


Please note we will provide the opportunity to attend via videoconference for those of you who cannot travel to Brussels. On the day of the meeting, please use this link to access the videoconference: 


We would like to inform you that participants may be filmed and the images of part or of the whole event may be web cast and/or recorded. Full speeches or parts of them may be reused for internal documentation or in any public communication activity or pedagogical project. Your participation to this public Conference/meeting involves the acceptance of being filmed and no restriction fee will be asked for any use or reuse of the recorded images.




13:30 -14:00 Registration at meeting room

Please foresee sufficient time for security screening at the entrance of the venue. Don’t forget your ID and e-Pass.


14:00 -14:10 Opening of the stakeholder meeting

Paula Rey García, European Commission DG Energy


14:10 -14:25 Overview of the aims, status and the planning of the project

Stijn Verbeke –VITO/EnergyVille


14:25 -14:50 Steps taken towards the definition of the SRI calculation methodology

Dorien Aerts–VITO/EnergyVille


14:50 -15:20 Steps taken towards implementation and formatting of the SRI

Paul Waide –Waide Strategic Efficiency Europe


15:20 -15:40 Provisional impact assessment of the SRI

Glenn Reynders–VITO/Energy Ville


15:40 -16:00 Initial feedback from the testing phase

Dorien Aerts–VITO/Energy Ville


16:00 -16:30 Open group discussion


16:30 -16:50 Next steps towards legal acts

Sylvain Robert, European Commission DG Energy


16:50 -17:00 Closing words

Sylvain Robert, European Commission DG Energy

Stijn Verbeke –VITO/Energy Ville

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