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Stakeholders meeting on a Sustainable Built Environment R&I partnership under Horizon Europe

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The Commission proposed to establish a research & innovation partnership on ‘People-centric Sustainable Built Environment’ (#Built4People), to be implemented under the Horizon Europe programme (2021-2027).


If you are interested to join this discussion, please save the date and register for the plenary stakeholder meeting on the Horizon Europe partnership on Sustainable Built Environment, to take place on Thursday 12 December 2019 from 10:00 to 16:00 in Brussels.




Buildings and infrastructure are pivotal in the socio-economic transition towards achieving a sustainable and climate-neutral economy. People spend most of their lifetime in buildings, which are responsible for approximately 50% of energy consumption on their whole life-cycle, 50% of all extracted materials, 30% of water consumption, and 36% of CO2 emissions in use phase. Construction and demolition waste is one of the heaviest and most voluminous (25%-30%) waste streams generated in the EU. Building design and indoor air quality are also critical to EU citizens’ health and well-being, as we spend the vast majority of our time in buildings. Achieving a low carbon built environment is also key challenge in the context of the strategic long-term vision for a prosperous, modern, competitive and climate-neutral economy by 2050, in line with the Paris Agreement objectives, launched by the Commission in November 2018.


The Built4People partnership will provide a cross-cluster structure, bringing together public and private sectors to create research and innovation pathways based on a holistic view of the built environment for sustainability and better living.


More information on the event can be found here.

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