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The research group ARC Engineering and Architecture La Salle and the Energy Efficiency Centre of the Jožef Stefan Institute, with the support of the Catalan Institute for Energy (ICAEN) have organized the 1st Workshop on “Innovative Methods and Tools to Facilitate the Implementation of Energy Efficiency Strategies and Action Plans - Energy Performance Assessment and Building Certification”, TIMEPAC 2019, which will take place at La Salle Campus in Barcelona, 31st January and 1st February.  
Post date: 29 jan 2019
Type: Évènement

On December 11, 2018, Smart Iruña Lab program selected 6 technological proposals that will be developed under the Smart City strategy of Pamplona  
Post date: 28 jan 2019
Type: Actualité

The construction of the Aulario for the School of Industrial Engineering of the University of Valladolid presents an extraordinary casuistry from several points of view: it recovers a well-known space of the traditional culture of the university, it has been projected as a building of almost null energy, and it recovers and improves the previous experience of the University of Valladolid in the realisation of sustainable building in all its aspects (cultural, economic, environmental, and social).
Post date: 14 jan 2019
Type: Cas

Project creation, personal networking, the offering of services, the sharing of experiences and the reaching of inspirations is possible on Smart Cities development. Any possibility of building a future becomes real in Greencities due to an unique opportunity of networking with all the agents implied, in an environment that helps to inspire and develop the cities of the future.  
Post date: 11 jan 2019
Type: Évènement

A REMOURBAN team joined other pioneering projects in Barcelona for this year's edition of Smart City Expo World Congress on 13-15 November.  
Post date: 27 déc 2018
Type: Actualité

Today whoever decides to invest in biobased buildings is a pioneer in the construction sector, as it is still a niche market. But latest research about industrial hemp materials have developed products that may be more competitive  
Post date: 24 déc 2018
Type: Actualité

The Paris rulebook will enable the Parties to the Paris Agreement to implement, track and progressively enhance their contributions to tackling climate change, in order to meet the Agreement's long-term goals.   EU action
Post date: 18 déc 2018
Type: Actualité

With 80% of European citizens living in urban areas, cities have a crucial role to play in the transition towards a low-carbon economy. Faced with the challenge of ensuring the quality of life of their citizens while becoming more energy efficient, cities must look at the system level and develop integrated urban development strategies that will make them both sustainable and better places to live.    
Post date: 13 déc 2018
Type: Lien

December 5 is UN World Soil Day. The building industry has thus been called to account for its role in the massive use of mineral raw materials and environmental pollution. One solution comes from the bio-construction sector which draws on unlimited sources of natural materials such as hemp, which is a recyclable carbon sequestrator. But how comfortable is it to live in a hemp house?  
Post date: 4 déc 2018
Type: Actualité

Involving citizens is the biggest challenge to finalise large-scale energy efficiency works in neighbourhoods. An emblematic story comes from Valladolid, Spain, where “no, we can’t” has become “yes, we can”   Thirty-one apartment buildings comprising 140,000 m2 of floor space: Europe’s most ambitious energy-saving renovation project is transforming Torrelago, a residential district of Valladolid in central Spain.  
Post date: 3 déc 2018
Type: Actualité