Horizon 2020 Energy Efficiency

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The objective of COOL DH action is to support cities in their endeavor to plan and deploy new, efficient district heating and cooling (DHC) systems and extend, refurbish existing ones to higher standards. Thus allowing greater uptake of renewables, recovering of excess heat or cold while improving the overall efficiency of the systems.  
Post date: 15 mai 2019
Type: Évènement

The ReUseHeat report "Accessible Urban Waste Heat" shows a significant heat recovery potential from unconventional excess heat sources. Approximately 1.2 EJ (or 340 TWh) per year are possible to recover from data centres, metro stations, service sector buildings, and waste water treatment plants. This corresponds to more than 10 percent of the EU's total energy demand for heat and hot water, which is approximately 10.7 EJ (or 2,980 TWh).  
Post date: 13 mai 2019
Type: Actualité

ZERO-PLUS is a Project focusing on achieving near Zero and positive energy settlements in Europe using Advanced Energy Technology. Its goal is to provide the market with an innovative, yet readily implementable system for Near Zero Energy (NZE) residential neighborhoods that will significantly reduce their costs. The project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme.  
Post date: 11 fév 2019
Type: Actualité

The webinar aims at answering the following questions :””How AdoRES can trigger – at a Financial standpoint – the Deep Renovation of Buildings towards NZEBs?”.   During the webinar, the Financial tools developed in the framework of ABRACADABRA project and the feasibility of case studies all over Europe will be presented in order to demonstrate that the “ABRACADABRA way” can be a pillar of the EU to support energy transition.  
Post date: 17 jan 2019
Type: Actualité

Why not plan ahead and get informed on Energy Efficiency funding opportunities for 2019? With €112M available in the Horizon 2020 Energy Efficiency Call 2019, with deadline in September 2019, there are opportunities to fund market uptake and coordination & support projects.  
Post date: 19 déc 2018
Type: Actualité

EnerSHIFT is an European project aimed to the energy renovation of public housing in Liguria promoting and applying innovative financing models. In line with the Regional Environmental Energy Plan, EnerSHIFT seeks to reduce energy consumption, improve tenants’ quality of life and boost the local economy. As part of this process, EnerSHIFT will launch a public tender process reserved for ESCo (Energy Service Companies) after which energy performance contracts (EPC) will be signed.  
Post date: 21 nov 2018
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TripleA-reno project in a nutshell
Post date: 13 nov 2018
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Want to test volumetric addition and deep energy efficieny renovation? Register in our page to have access to all the toolkits and watch the video-tutorial on ABRACADABRA Technical Toolkit!   https://youtu.be/Er9Luo8yTng    
Post date: 13 nov 2018
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DR-BOB project aim is to demonstrate the economic and environmental benefits of demand response in blocks of buildings for the different key actors required to bring it to market.   To achieve its targets, DR-BOB project aims to:  
Post date: 26 oct 2018
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The European Commission has published a report on high energy performing buildings, showcasing EU funded innovation and market uptake projects.   A total of 24 projects funded under the Energy Efficiency part of the Horizon 2020 programme are presented, addressing three priority areas: deep renovation of existing buildings, new Nearly Zero-energy Buildings, and smart buildings.  
Post date: 25 oct 2018
Type: Publication