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European researchers have developed a user-friendly smart app to help people improve their energy-saving behaviours. Energy demand is growing across many countries in the world as populations increase and people get richer. In fact, global energy consumption has risen nearly every year for more than half a century.  
Post date: 10 juin 2021
Type: Actualité

ENTROPY regards an energy-aware IT ecosystem aiming to support energy efficiency in the buildings sector through behavioral change of the occupants with regards to their daily energy consumption patterns. The main distinguishing characteristic of ENTROPY is that it exploits the advantages provided by a set of novel ICT technologies for enabling the design, development and provision of personalized energy management and awareness services in smart buildings.
Post date: 29 mar 2021
Type: Tool

Preliminary evidence on the effects of a behaviourally informed intervention integrated in an initial subset of 12 apartments seems to highlight the role that household composition plays in ensuring the effectiveness of behaviour-change interventions. The intervention in questions is informed by behavioural economics and involves providing social information to tenants regarding the average energy consumption of their neighbours.
Post date: 23 mar 2021
Type: Publication

Registration   Programme-Overview   Venue   BEHAVE 2020-2021   6th European Conference on Behaviour and Energy Efficiency   21-23 April 2021  
Post date: 22 mar 2021
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13-01-2021 - 15h00-16h30   COMMISSIONING - Luc Mehaudens, SECO  
Post date: 7 jan 2021
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My Europe in 2050 lets you choose how we will change the European "Machine" in the next decades. How we will move, live, eat and consume, how we will change the agriculture, transport, energy generation, building sector and production systems.   Explore how you can keep the machine's output below 30 gigatons of greenhouse gases. This is the budget available for Europe if we want to take a fair reduction share to keep the 1.5° C target formulated in the Paris Agreement.
Post date: 15 déc 2020
Type: Tool

Around the world, the Covid-19 crisis is driving policymakers to grapple with a public health emergency while simultaneously devising social and economic relief and recovery strategies.   Since 2015, global improvements in energy intensity – a key measure of the economy’s energy efficiency – have been declining. This trend suggests that there is an urgent need for action to boost energy efficiency. The Covid-19 crisis adds an extra layer of uncertainty.  
Post date: 3 déc 2020
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BECC’s Virtual 2020 Event Conference Starts December 7 Why Attend BECC 
Post date: 24 nov 2020
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Going Virtual December 1-4, 2020 AEE Members $95 Non-Members $295 Register Today   Go Virtual, Attend Live  
Post date: 18 nov 2020
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BEHAVE 2020 21-23 April 2021   SAVE the DATE and CALL for Abstracts, Papers, and Proposals   BEHAVE 2020 – 6th European Conference on Behaviour and Energy Efficiency   21-23 April 2021   UN City, Copenhagen  
Post date: 12 oct 2020
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