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Date: 23 July 2020    Time: 10.30 - 12.30   Location: Online           Cost: PHT members: £20+VAT, Non members: £40+VAT, Staff of educational estates & LA: Free   Are you involved in the delivery of schools, operate University estates, or tasked with net-zero carbon strategies? This event is for you! Join us for the official launch of our latest Passivhaus campaign focused on Educational Buildings. 
Post date: 22 juin 2020
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Energy-efficient buildings have the potential to play a key role in EU energy transition. In the United States, several energy utilities have recently piloted and launched buildings Pay-for-Performance (P4P) programmes making use of possibilities offered by energy metering technologies that provide greater certainty over energy savings and drive improved performance.  
Post date: 16 juin 2020
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In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the SINFONIA final conference will now take place online. Join us on 30 June 2020 at 15h00 CET to hear about public policies for refurbishment, main project achievements and future ambitions of our cities!  
Post date: 15 juin 2020
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Check out the June 2020 issue of CEN-CE newsletter for getting up to speed with recent and ongoing activities of CEN-CE team! EPB standards covered by CEN-CE scheme Explore synergies with CEN-CE scheme 2nd CEN-CE classroom pilot training Build Up webinar showcasing CEN-CE scheme CEN-CE interview with Francis Allard Free online pilot training on heat pumps and measured energy
Post date: 11 juin 2020
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Building Simulation 2021 Conference BS2021 - Creating Impact  
Post date: 11 juin 2020
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 AEE – INTEC, eurac research, Fraunhofer ISE, ATP sustain, Bouygues, SKANSKA SE, Moretti, 3i, Köhler & Meinzer organize a webinar with the title:   CRAVEzero - Cost Reduction and market Acceleration for Viable nearly zero-Energy buildings Presentation and discussion of the results from the Horizon 2020 project "“   Wednesday, 24. June 2020
Post date: 10 juin 2020
Type: Évènement

The H2020 project CRAVEzero aims to increase the viability of nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (nZEB) through solutions and tools for supporting the cost reduction during the whole life cycle of the buildings. In particular, one of the backbones of the project is the CRAVEzero pinboard, a structured platform that includes all the tools and supporting materials elaborated within the project.
Post date: 8 juin 2020
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Over 80 leading cities, states and organisations have signed the WorldGBC Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment to date. In this masterclass, you will find out why committing is so powerful and so important AND you'll also hear unique insights into how to deliver net zero carbon buildings in practice.   We will hear from the following leading voices: Why companies commit to net zero carbon buildings?  
Post date: 5 juin 2020
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Post date: 4 juin 2020
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establishing Community Renewable Energy Webs - Rolling out a business model and operational tool creating webs of households that jointly manage energy to improve efficiency and renewables uptake
Post date: 1 juin 2020
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