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The tool includes the following features:Data handling: General features for storing time series data. Data visualization: “Intelligent” data visualisation on the basis of the minimal data set that reveals “operation patterns”. Building specific benchmark (model based analysis): A simplified model of the building (zones + HVAC) is used for identification of faults and optimization potentials. Models in this context are based on the regulations of the CEN standard as much as reasonable.
Post date: 9 nov 2009
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Details about iDbuild iDbuild is developed at the Technical University of Denmark as a part of an ongoing PhD-project about the development of design methods for integrated design of new low energy building. iDbuild is a part of a building simulation program package which also contains BuildingCalc for thermal analysis, LightCalc for daylight analysis and BuildingCalc/LightCalc for combined thermal and dayligt analysis. iDbuild is using the combined calculation engine for its purpose.
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Key points concerning the designCombined natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation with air-conditioning and some heat recovery. Use of perforated shading panels to reduce direct solar gain while allowing natural day-lighting. Use of external insulation to reduce heat loss in winter and to provide internal thermal mass, in conjunction with night-time free cooling to reduce peak summer temperatures. Extensive use of natural lighting to reduce energy consumption by artificial lighting.
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