Building Energy Management System (BEMS)

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The  E2VENT WORKSHOP which will be held within the BUDMA - International Construction and Architectural Fair in Poznan, Poland.  
Post date: 15 déc 2017
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This document is the project summary report of the Annex 40 of the Energy in Buildings and Communities (EBC) programme of the International Energy Agency (IEA). The primary goal of building commissioning, from an energy perspective, was to verify and optimise the performance of energy systems within a building.
Post date: 12 déc 2017
Type: Publication

How is Europe’s Horizon 2020 framework programme supporting research, innovation and market uptake of smart buildings?  
Post date: 20 nov 2017
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Did you know that our planet receives enough energy from the sun that it can power the whole world?  All the energy that the world uses every day could be replaced with solar. It is no wonder then that more and more people want to take advantage of this valuable natural resource. By going solar, you will significantly reduce your carbon footprint on this planet and will be surprised with how much money you could save on utilities.
Post date: 8 nov 2017
Type: Note

The renovation project "Paint it Green" was undertaken by the owner company CoRI - Coating Research Institute after identifying two important concepts: the need for more space as well as the modernization of the company image. Focusing on these issues, the objective established was to create a building designed in an intelligent and thoughtful way combined with the aspects of being high-tech and durable.  
Post date: 2 aoû 2017
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PERFORMER project started in September 2013 and after nearly 48 months, the team is close to delivering an innovative solution which aims to close the energy gap by facilitating the identification and targeting of a range of energy management opportunities.  
Post date: 10 juil 2017
Type: Actualité

“Energy Efficient Ventilated Façades for Optimal Adaptability and Heat Exchange enabling low energy architectural concepts for the refurbishment of existing buildings.”  
Post date: 3 juil 2017
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Optimising Building Performance with Energy Analytics   Did you know that buildings tend to consume between 1.5 and 2.5 times the amount of energy originally predicted by their designers?  This alarming statistic is known as the building energy performance gap - a problem that energy managers and facility managers around the world have made it their mission to tackle.  
Post date: 28 juin 2017
Type: Publication

Το Energy Efficiency Conference 2017, που θα διεξαχθεί στην Αθήνα στις 29 Σεπτεμβρίου,  έχει ως στόχο την ανάδειξη των πιο αποτελεσματικών μεθόδων που εφαρμόστηκαν από κορυφαίες εταιρίες για να βελτιώσουν την ενεργειακή τους απόδοση, σε πολλαπλούς τομείς και διαδικασίες (παραγωγή, κτήρια, εσωτερικές λειτουργίες, υπηρεσίες).
Post date: 26 juin 2017
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The EU funded BRESAER Project (BREakthrough Solutions for Adaptable Envelopes in building Refurbishment) aims to develop and demonstrate an innovative envelope system that uses cost-effective, adaptable solutions for building refurbishment. It combines active and passive components, integrating them into a lightweight structural mesh.   The innovative solutions developed by the project include:  
Post date: 20 juin 2017
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