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In the framework of the OPTISOL project, funded by the French Agency for Energy and Environment (ADEME), a methodology for life cycle optimization during sketch or refurbishment has been developed for professional building actors: architects, building owners, designers, HVAC engineers… First, a French typology of tertiary buildings has been created: partitioned and open space offices, hospitals, schools and nursing homes. Once done, a proposal list of systems related to each building was developed. To minimise the number of simulations and to establish a 15 parameters function providing energy consumptions for each building with each system, in each climate, simulation experimental designs were used. The methodology developed was implemented in a software tool to facilitate its use. Two options are proposed to users: to perform the calculation of energy consumption, CO2 emission and investment for chosen solutions or to perform different optimization calculations resulting in technical proposals. Download Optisol tool at this address : (http://www.epbd-s.eu/Downl/Optisol 1.1.zip) or at (http://www.epbd-s.eu/forum.html)