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International Congress e-nova 2011

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The International Congress e-nova 2011 to be held on 24th/25th November 2011 in Pinkafeld (between Vienna and Graz, Austria) deals with “Sustainable Buildings – Cutting Edge Technologies & Concepts for Future Buildings“.

The realization of Plus Energy Houses before 2020 is one of the goals of the Building Sector in the European Union. In order to reduce the burden imposed on the environment, energy efficiency of buildings is to be increased, as well as the input of renewable energy sources together with energy storage methods in heating/cooling, hot water and in electrical energy demand are to be enforced. Furthermore, an integrative and collaborative planning has to be carried out to construct trendsetting buildings.

During 1 ½ days there will be presentations and discussions on the following areas regarding Sustainable Buildings:

- Planning and Evaluation Tools

- Energy Efficiency

- Renewable Energy and Energy Storage

- Buildings in Smart Grids.

In addition, for each topic Product Innovation, Simulation Methods and Best Practice examples will be introduced.

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